Anti-Aging Dentistry

There is a dentist that is an advanced dentist that understands that the shape of the patient’s face is directly related to their bite and the position of their lower jaw. Through his many years of experience he’s found a unique form of dentistry that has more age reversing benefits than virtually any other method known today. He has been able to remove many years from the aging face and also prevent premature aging for the younger faces with Anti-Aging Dentistry.


This patient’s face is younger because the bite is right for his face 

Sunken Face?  Wrong Bite!

It might be hard to believe that one of the best treatments today for the older face is dentistry. It’s not normal dentistry, it’s not cosmetic dentistry and it’s not your typical full mouth reconstruction type of dentistry. It is a bite correction method that preserves and adds to your natural to structure. But, the question is what happens to the aging face and how does dentistry help it? Actually the best answer to that according to this high tech dentist is how does your bite contribute to aging your face prematurely. He believes the reason you look old is because you have the wrong bite for your face.

What is the Best Bite for my Face?

He also believes that the reason you look old or have a sunken face is because your chin, which is normal in size, actually looks small because of your bite. He understands that the chin position determines the shape of your face. He also understands the chin position will determine whether you have a balanced vibrant look or a grumpy old person look. He believes the key to the fountain of youth is through your teeth, chin position, TMJ and bite. Another big question would be,  how do you know what the right bite is for my face?  He utilizes a real life testing method along with a jaw imaging method to find the best possible jaw position for your TMJ and your appearance.

He can make Older People show Upper Teeth

With over 30 years of experience of studying faces he believes that key goal for his type of dentistry is to treat the face and the teeth non-invasively and without jaw surgery. Most dentists don’t even begin thinking until they look past your lips versus this dentist is watching you speak, watching you smile, he’s examining how many teeth show when you talk and he’s come up with some interesting observations. “Old people show lower teeth and young people show upper teeth” he says. The next question might be why do old people show lower teeth? The answer to that question is “it’s because their faces are sagging from gravity and their teeth are wearing down, the chin is moving back and their bite is getting deeper.  He says, “People are living a lot longer today and the way we thing about teeth and the bite have to change”.  A prominent doctor said he is someone that “thinks outside the box and you can’t teach that in dental school”.

Face Lift Dentistry®, Permanently Younger Faces

What this dentist does after studying your face, your teeth, your bite, your speech patterns and your lip movement is build the most ideal jaw position and height of the teeth with the best angles of teeth, size of teeth, color of teeth and maximizes every aspect of your health and appearance. He believes by idealizing every aspect of your health and using your teeth to support your face you will continue to look younger and more vibrant the rest of your life.  Call for your anti-aging dentistry consultation appointment.